People love our free-to-attend PBM groups. And we love to hear how and why you love them! Please get in touch and tell us about your experience. 



“I’m so confident now about the birth because of all the support I have been receiving, mainly from PBM right from the start.” Burcu

“When many only want to tell you their birth horror stories, it is great to get together to discuss the benefits of informed choice and to celebrate successful births of all varieties, however women choose to have their babies. This is a great resource for mums to be in the area.” Victoria

“Such an amazing feel good place to go! The gatherings are so non judgmental, straight up, anxiety quashing, thought provoking and utterly supportive. I can’t believe such a thing exists AND it’s free AND there’s cake!! Thank you!!” Sarah

“Another wonderful PBM session tonight. Excellent initiative.” Keira

“Such calm, intelligent and thoughtful women.” Taya

“It’s definitely helping to take the fear factor away from birth.” Kate

“What amazing support and confidence I gained from attending my local Positive Birth Movement group!  When my water broke I remained calm and peaceful I birthed without fear, anxiety or panic. I believed in myself and had words of positivity I heard in these meets running in my mind. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy naturally and without pain relief. Thank You for hosting these events and please know you had a large impact on my attitude towards birth. It was an incredible experience one I’ll never forget and cherish forever.” Michelle

“I found the Positive Birth Movement page a few months ago and have learnt so much not just from all the articles you share but from all the women who comment on them too. I really wish I knew everything I know now back when I was pregnant with my first baby! Knowledge really is power! I feel like I’ve found a new religion or something and just want to talk about it to everyone and anyone (my 20 year brother wasn’t too interested lol) Spreading positivity is so important, I hear all too often women saying things like I couldn’t, I wasn’t allowed, I had to, I was made to, women need to know they can challenge their doctor/midwife and ask for more information, more choices. Using social media and the PBM to do so is such a great idea. Birth should be looked forward to and celebrated not feared as some agonising awful experience that just needs to be got through, hopefully that will happen if enough women get behind the Positive Birth Movement!” Nadiya