Press Coverage

The Positive Birth Movement gets frequent press coverage. Examples below. If you have a media or press enquiry, please email


INDEPENDENT: Positive Birth Movement – the group making labour less traumatic for women across the world



In the wake of footballer Harry Cane’s comments about his partner’s birth, the PBM started #soproud to give a platform to diverse birth stories and encourage all women to feel proud of their births. Coverage was wide ranging and global, contact us for a full list. 

INDEPENDENT: Women share diverse birth stories using #soproud hashtag

METRO: Women are sharing their #soproud birth stories

TELEGRAPH: Why I started the #soproud hashtag for all women to celebrate their birth stories

GOODTOKNOW: Women share their birth stories using #soproud because every birth should be celebrated

YAHOO: Women are sharing birth stories using #soproud to show that all births are an achievement

FRENCH COSMOPOLITAN: #soproud: le mouvement qui celebre toutes les formes d’accouchement



A campaign in which women shared images of themselves just after they’d given birth in a bid to show how healthy, strong and full of life women look at this time, went viral globally. Selected coverage below, contact us for a full list. 

TELEGRAPH: #birthjusthappened: post birth selfies are exactly what women need

HUFFINGTON POST: #birthjusthappened: post birth selfies show mums the positive side of birth

ESSENTIAL BABY (AUS): #birthjusthappened: the photos changing the way we see labour

FIT PREGNANCY: These post birth selfies are making our day



Social media censorship

The PBM have campaigned on several occasions against the censorship and removal of birth images from social media. Selected coverage below, contact us for a full list.

BUZZFEED: A woman says she was banned from facebook for sharing a natural birth photo

DAILY DOT: Facebook bans water birth photo, but Kim Kardashian’s butt is ok

MIRROR: Why did facebook ban this photo of mum’s bum as she gave birth but allow Kim Kardashian picture?

TELEGRAPH: Facebook banned my bottom photo but not Kardashian’s: what gives?

GUARDIAN: By removing photos of childbirth, Facebook is censoring powerful female images