Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto

We are a grass roots movement, spreading positivity about childbirth via a global network of free Positive Birth groups, linked up by social media.

We believe that every woman deserves a positive birth.

We think a positive birth means:

  • Women are where they want to be
  • Choices are informed by reality not fear
  • Women are listened to and treated with respect and dignity
  • Mothers are empowered and enriched
  • Memories are warm and proud

Our movement exists because, at a global level, many women are not currently having a positive birth.

We hold the birth experience to be of fundamental importance, to mothers, to fathers, to babies, to families and to society.

We wish to change birth for the better.

We aim to:

·      Challenge the culture of negativity and fear that exists around birth
·      Share positive birth experiences
·      Share information about choices and rights in childbirth
·      Encourage women to raise their expectations of childbirth

We will do this by:

·      Establishing a network of free to attend positive birth groups
·      Linking all groups together via social media to build a global network of shared expertise, power and positivity.
·      Working together to challenge the culture of fear that surrounds birth.
·      Empowering women to approach birth differently.