THE TIMES: “Women urged to take control when giving birth.”

A new article from journalist Rosamund Urwin in the Sunday Times has covered Positive Birth Movement founder Milli Hill’s new book, Give Birth Like a Feminist, which will be published by Harper Collins on 22nd August. 


Milli Hill with children Albie, Bess and Ursula. She says women giving birth often do not realise they can refuse treatment they do not feel comfortable with
“Giving birth is “the land that feminism forgot” and women need to take control in the delivery room, according to a radical new book.

It calls on pregnant women not only to write one birth plan but also to complete options “B, C and D” so they have alternatives mapped out in case their first choice fails — such as wanting a natural birth but ending up having a caesarean section.

Milli Hill, whose book Give Birth Like a Feminist will be published later this month, argues that nurses and midwives should ensure that the mother is the one making decisions on the labour ward.

“When women give birth, they hand over their bodily autonomy and rights — often without realising they’re doing it,” Hill said. “I want women to put themselves in the driving seat.”

Hill, a mother of three, draws parallels between the treatment of pregnant women and sexual harassment in the pre-#MeToo era: “There’s a lack of consent and a lack of awareness among women about what they can complain about.”

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