PBM joins forces with Channel Mum!

The vlogging platform will be supporting the Positive Birth Movement

The Positive Birth Movement is thrilled to announce that they will be joining forces with vlogging platform Channel Mum over the next 6 months, in a collaboration that will see 50 thousand flyers go out to the PBM’s 200 UK groups, along with mutual support on social media and a monthly competition. We hope this will raise awareness of the Positive Birth Movement with a whole new group of pregnant women and mothers. 

Channel Mum founder, Siobhan Freegard, who also set up Netmums, has been a staunch supporter of the PBM for many years, and even took a place on the panel at the launch of the Positive Birth Book. 

(right to left) Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard, PBM founder Milli Hill, and vlogger Amber from Meet the Wildes at the launch of the Positive Birth Book.


The collaboration includes a space in the Channel Mum forum for those running our groups or those who attend them, to chat and share information. Click here to join the conversation. 

There’s also a whole new PBM page on the Channel Mum website where you can learn more about our groups, and enter a monthly competition to win vouchers to spend in Boots. Keep your eye on PBM and social media channels too, where we’ll be sharing more news and information about this. 

We’re really grateful to Channel Mum for supporting us in this way! Thank you!