NEWS COVERAGE: “New Huddersfield group wants to remove the fear from childbirth”

The PBM could alleviate fears and help women get the birth they want.

News coverage of our new group in Huddersfield, in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

Around 5,500 babies will be born in Kirklees this year – the vast majority of them in hospital.

Every woman giving birth will have her own unique experience but it won’t necessarily be the experience she expects or wants, particularly as NHS budgets continue to be stretched.

However, the founders of a new Positive Birth Movement group in Huddersfield say that having a baby should be both fulfilling – and enjoyable.

They want to work with women to help them view birth in an optimistic and confident way; to remove the fear and counteract the horror stories.

Jessica Summers-Jackson, a hypnotherapist, and trained midwife Tracy Ripley, who now works as a doula, say it’s all a question of empowering women with the right information. They’ll be hosting free monthly meetings at the Jane Khalaf Foundation (Med One) in Westgate, Huddersfield, tackling a range of issues relating to pregnancy and birth.

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