Mother&Baby: Dealing with birth disappointment

"It's ok to have negative feelings about your birth", writes Milli Hill

PBM founder Milli Hill has written a new piece about birth disappointment, for Mother&Baby.


“I feel disappointed about my birth”: why is this sentence so difficult to say out loud?! It’s almost taboo, isn’t it, to admit that not only did you not get the birth you were hoping for, but that worse still, this really matters to you, and that the feelings of sadness, regret and disappointment are just refusing to go away.

Perhaps it’s time to open the conversation about this, because, as someone who speaks to pregnant women and new mothers all the time, I can tell you that these feelings are completely normal, and much more common than you think!

Here are my tips and advice if you are one of the many women who – perhaps secretly – wishes their birth had been different.

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