PBM starts new hashtag #SoProud

Inspired by Harry Kane, women are sharing the reasons why they're #soproud of their births


This week a social media post by the Positive Birth Movement has sparked a trending hashtag and brought women together to say why they are ALL proud of their births, no matter what choices they made or what kind of births they had. 

Harry Kane has caused controversy for saying he was 'so proud' of his wife for giving birth without pain relief. Here…

Posted by The Positive Birth Movement on Saturday, 11 August 2018

Footballer Harry Kane caused controversy when he tweeted that he was #soproud of his wife for giving birth without pain relief.

But PBM founder Milli Hill felt the backlash against him was unfair, not because giving birth drug-free is a better choice, but simply because she felt it should be ok to feel proud of your birth!

Under the hashtag, women on facebook, instagram and twitter have been sharing their #soproud stories, whether they had epidurals, caesareans, natural births, home births, births where their baby was unwell or even stillbirths. 


“This hashtag has united women where the press seems determined to divide us”, said Milli. “We don’t want to be competative about our births, far from it! We know that all women do the best they can at the time, they are all strong, they are all warriors, and they have every right to be proud!”



5 days past our due date, my baby boy was having what the midwife called “whopping decelerations”. His heart rate was dropping down to 63 for about 5 mins at a time every 3 hours or so, and nothing we did was bringing it back up. They induced that day. The midwife grimiced as she looked at my cervix, “you aren’t going to like me much,” she said. I told her to do what she needed to do. So she stretched my 1/2 cm dilated cervix to 2 cm with her hands as inserted balloons which she filled with saline solution to assist dilation. I followed my birth plan as much as i could didn’t have an epidural, walked and rested and breathed. I told my baby that it would be ok and we would do this together. After 11 hours he was still not tolerating labor. I watched his heart rate plummet. I would move in the middle of contractions, did what ever the midwife told me too, but my baby needed help. My son’s birth made me face my fears, from his safety to the epidural and c section. It taught me that I could do literally anything for him, and if I had doubt before, I knew after that I was ready to be his mama. My son taught me to be a warrior. That’s my #soproud #positivebirthmovement #womenarewarriors

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Coverage of #soproud has come from  the Metro, The Independent, and GoodtoKnow. 

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