The Birth Coaching Company

Hi I’m Maureen – I have been a Midwife for over 30 years and a Hypnobirthing teacher/trainer for 13 years. I am trained in both the Mongan method and KGH.  I have also written a Hypnobirthing teacher training course called Birth Right Hypnobirthing for One to One Midwives. I teach Hypnobirthing to midwives here in the UK and Internationally.  My private practice is the Birth Coaching Company (BCC) set up to support women and their partners throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond.  At the BCC We believe in a woman’s innate ability to grow, nature and birth her baby but as midwives we also recognise that some women will experience special circumstances, that normality is subjective, it’s not always about a ‘normal’ vaginal birth, It may be caesarean section, breech birth, twins. Whatever your normality is we are there to develop your personal road map to success.  Our courses are about a fulfilling birth experience for you, your partner and your family.  Life’s journey begins at birth, our goal is to ensure that you are in control, confident and content.


Respect for Human Rights and Reproductive Autonomy is at the core of everything we teach.

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