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Susanne Grant – Hypnobirthing Healing Queen

Hi! My name is Susanne and I am a Hypnobirthing teacher, modern-day mystic, mum and I love to sew in my spare time! Together with my husband and our daughter, we live in Scotland and are expecting baby nr 2 in 2018!  Our first pregnancy and birth was a huge journey! Being allergic to lots of things; from food to medication, I was worried about giving birth.  I looked into ways to support myself during birth and I came across something called hypnobirthing. My husband and I took a course and we were amazed by the information we received. It literally changed our lives for good!  It made me realise; what if pregnancy and birthing could be a heck load more loving, sacred and empowering?  The truth is birth can be an empowering experience when you know how to embrace yourself, your body and birthing power. But they don’t teach you that in school now, do they?!  Heck, it’s natural to have fears especially if you’ve experienced trauma from previous births! I most certainly remember feeling this way when I was pregnant the first time! I mean you’re growing a baby! It’s incredible and it can be overwhelming at the same time! EEK …. I know! I have been there.  Let’s get you feeling excited, regenerated and deeply supported.  With Love, Susanne xo  Hypnobirthing Healing Queen ******************************* This is what I can do for you: – The Wealthy Womb Program (Deep inner / energetic healing) – Soul Aligned Birthing || The Birthing Goddess Package (Hypnobirthing included as well as deep inner / energetic healing) – The Soul Queen || Embracing your Full Power (Postnatal support, postnatal depression, PTSD, Rewinding, Innerchild Healing) – Digital Hypnobirthing Course (and VIP coaching) I use different techniques, such as Hypnobirthing, EFT, Thetahealing, Matrix Reimprinting to support you. As I work online, I can support you anywhere in this world. For more information, questions and support; please visit my website www.grantmethod.com With love, Susanne xo      

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