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Award Winning London Birth Photographer

Offering Birth Photography in london & the surrounding areas – Pregnancy Photography & Motherhood Photography

Hi I am Sadie, nice to meet you…

I hold a special place in my heart for Birth & Motherhood. See a variety of my work on my Instagram: @sadiewildphotography

For all types of mothers, raising all types of children, in all kinds of families. I love documenting other peoples stories. Freezing a life changing moment in time, making an other wordly experience into something tangible, gifting you the opportunity to visualise your sacredness, your beauty, your power. I am passionate about supporting families and in addition to photography I have also worked with Barnet Breastfeeding Support Service for 4+ Years and previously voluntered with Barnet and Harrow Sling Library for 3+ Years.

I witnessed my first birth at the age of 5.5yrs, the home birth of my youngest sister. I remember it vividly. It was an exciting and magical time and gifted me with deep knowing & trust in the process of birth and the power of women.

Every Birth and every Birth space is sacred. Birth never stops being magical to me. I have chosen “the path with heart”

Im drawn to this work because i have an inherent belief & trust in birth & our ability as women to birth our babies. I am on a mission to spread awareness, to share knowledge, to help normalise birth and celebrate postpartum and motherhood.

I feel strongly about the importance of representation in all areas, for all types of people, for all kinds of experiences and endeavour for my work to contribute to a more diverse narrative surrounding birth, families and motherhood. Interested to know more? Lets Connect

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