A Midwife you know & Trust – Michala Marling Independent Midwife

I offer fully insured Independent Midwifery care in and around London, Slough and Surrey. I live in Chiswick in London but very happy to travel all over London, as I live just on the M4 it is also very easy to travel out towards Slough, Surrey and surrounding areas and even beyond. I am a trained hypnobirthing teacher and also trained to use aromatherapy in childbirth.    Continuity of carer is the foundation of the care I provide,  the evidence around benefits for women and families is compelling and I love being able to work in a way that not only puts you in control, but also is safer and more flexible to meet your needs rather than any set routine.   My priority is meeting your needs, which is different for each woman and therefore my care has no set structure to it, no restriction in relation to time limits or appointments, only the care you need, when you need it and for the time that you need it for.   I provide all of the care as recommended by NICE in terms of antenatal and postnatal appointments, but at home during unhurried appointments at times to suit you. Antenatally I will get to know you, the appointments will not only be to check on the health of you and your baby, but also to give you an opportunity to talk through anything that you need to, which could be anything from talking about past experiences that could be playing on your mind, to looking for tips on what you really need for your baby. I  am on call for when you baby decides on their birthday, a time that we will have prepared for together so that on the day I know what is important to you, I know your choices, you know your options and even when things deviate you can be sure you have someone there to help navigate things to support you to have a positive experience regardless of where or how you give birth.   I could be the right midwife for you if you are looking for someone to walk your journey with you, to really get to know you, to advocate for you, to support you to navigate the choices available you without any judgement and being there throughout your entire journey from booking, through your labour and birth and 6 weeks postnatally.   If you are even considering an Independent Midwife its good to meet face to face and I provide free consultations to give you the opportunity just to get a feel for if you feel comfortable with me. The single most important aspect of finding a midwife is that you feel safe, confident in their care and comfortable being able to be open with them, it is a 2 way relationship of mutual trust and understanding.

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