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Little Futures Doula Service

Welcome, Congratulations to you and your family on this special occasion. Little Futures Doula Service’s mission is that, everyone who wants a Doula is able to have one.  As a result, we have produced options and a process for all of our services, which we believe is suitable for all. We add value to the services that we provide to our clients by using our values of, Support, Empowerment, Strength, Compassion, Love and Empathy.  As well as offering a bespoke, It’s Your Day service, created by you.  For example, you may want to have in-person childbirth sessions or have the transition period after the birth included in your core package; we offer both of these and more. We mother the parents-to-be and work with siblings so that they feel included.  We are also baby-centred, which we have found helps in partnership working with clients, relatives and medical team. We always remember it is all about you, so our Doulas are selfless and unique, yet in harmony.  We will support the choices you have made unless there is a potential of harm to yourselves, or Little One.  Firstly, we would discuss with you whether an informed choice was made.  Where the risk appears that it in unable to be reduced, or an informed choice has not been made, we will use the BRAINS Strategy to initiate discussions. Our Doulas believe that what they do is a calling, a vocation, in service to other people, not a job.  As a result you will experience a heart-felt, soul/spiritual/energy led approach.  Additionally, we aim that you will have a positive experience.  If this is your Doula please get in touch. Thank you for taking the time to view Little Futures Doula Service. Doula Carole  

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