Gabby Matthews Birth and Postpartum Doula

A Cheery, Happy, Positive Birth Practitioner and Doula based in East Northants

Offering antenatal courses and workshops for new parents in the beautiful setting of The Boathouse at Rushden Lakes, Northamptonshire, on the stunning island of Mallorca and in various towns  throughout the UK.

Courses, workshops and private sessions include:

First Steps Workshops ‘Let’s Talk About’: Your Baby or Toddlers  Sleep     This workshop gives parents and carers the opportunity to  consider their child’s sleep current sleep patterns, discuss and analyse sleep problems and encourage healthy habits to improve sleep for the entire family. Introducing Solids To Your Baby Is your baby between 4 and 6 months old?  This workshop has been designed to encourage parents and carers to approach introducing solid food in a confident and informed manner.  Individual time taken for each participant to discuss any concerns they have and to menu plan.  The group will look at and explore baby led weaning and puree food the development and actions which indicate your baby is ready to start and the safety aspects involved. How you are feeling about baby number 2? This is one of those unspoken topics that can fill us with anxiety and apprehension.  So, let’s talk about it… The decision to bring a second baby into the family circle can be incredibly exciting, daunting and life changing.  Having announced your second baby is on the way mothers are often flooded with mixed emotions the changes a second baby will bring.  How will their first baby or toddler react?  How will you cope with 2 children? Will you have enough love to go around?  Are you letting your first baby down by sharing your love and attention?  Feeding 2 babies, is that even possible?  Should I wean our baby before his/her sibling arrives? Most mothers feel this way, it’s ok, change can be daunting, exciting and fearful.  This workshop helps you relax and prepare for change.

Short Courses

The Listening Circle  –  exactly that.  Come and sit with a circle of mothers and listen, reflect, discuss… This short course provides new mothers with a ‘safe space’ to be open about their feelings and experiences of becoming mothers, how their personal identity has changed and how they feel about adjusting to mothering and how their relationships have changed Mindfulness and Rejuvenation – a 4 week evening or daytime course introducing mindfulness into your life and gentle exercise based on beginners yoga. Suitable for mothers with babies of all ages.  Take time out, relax, stretch and breathe.  A great first step towards reducing anxiety, finding peace and calmness in your everyday life and preparing your body for beginners yoga and pilates. Why Informed Grandparents Matter – 2 sessions of 2 hours (daytime or evening) introducing Grandparents-to-be to modern parenting.  Open discussion and evidence based resources on sleep, feeding, attachment, parenting techniques and how modern parenting has evolved enabling  babies and toddlers to develop at their own pace in their own ways. The workshops and courses  are open to all and bookable online – email for full details, dates, times and locations Individual Sessions – Gather a group of friends together (6-12 participants) and book a private session in your own home based on any of the above themes  or a topic of your choice Bump, Bubbles and Bonding Retreats –  new for the Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020 in a range of hotels throughout the UK and Mallorca. A day full of fun and education starting with meeting other couples for a delicious meal on the Friday Night before the relaxation and antenatal sessions throughout the day on Saturday. Antenatal Sessions – 4 hours session based on the Birth and Beyond (B&B)  Syllabus facilitated by a qualified B&B Practitioner Relax and Unwind Sessions  – Pick and choose what works for you from spa sessions and treatments to country pursuits, crafts and cooking demonstrations. The day ends with afternoon tea for the entire group. Prices vary depending on hotel location Text or call   07976 245 971  

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