Cuddledry are on a mission to make bathtime a peaceful, calm and loving experience for all parents, right from the very first dip. Sharing these special moments early on can help with cognitive development, communication skills and much more. Bathtime at the end of a busy day can be the best way to unplug and and enjoy your baby without distractions! ***We are the creators of the multi-award winning handsfree baby bath towel, a revolutionary way to end bath time stress for new parents. The towel is worn around the neck like an apron, so parents have two hands free to safely lift baby from the water and into their arms for a warm and loving embrace. The double layers trap body heat to provide extra comfort for babies and to increase the potential for strengthening the parent/ child bond. The handsfree towel made from a bamboo and cotton blend so its eco-friendly and super snuggly too. ***We also have a range of toddler and child towels, bathtime accessories and the new Baby & Me washbag – perfect for organising your hospital/ birth bag when the big day arrives.

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