Soft, supportive and flexible, our uniquely shaped and flexible Comfyse Cushy Cushion enables pregnant women and new mums to sit down to rest, recuperate and to bond with their baby when feeding. Whether caused by piles, perineal bruising and tears, an episiotomy, coccyx pain or anal fissures, your discomfort  need not be an issue any more. This new and unique seating cushion has been designed by a mum for mums to use during their time of need.

Being able to sit down to feed and bond with your new-born baby whilst also having the opportunity to rest and recuperate is so important for your wellbeing. However the discomfort experienced when sitting down on the sensitive areas of your body, especially just after a vaginal birth, can make this difficult. Using a Comfyse Cushy Cushion helps you to prevent pressure being put upon your sensitive body parts, thus offering you a great solution for improving your comfort and your maternity wellbeing.

The Comfyse Cushy Cushion is unique and flexible and so it has many benefits for pregnant women and new mums including;

1) It’s unique shape improves your comfort by enabling sensitive areas to be free from contact of the cushion

2) The natural and breathable cotton cover is machine washable for improved hygiene

3) The adjustable strap enables the gap in the middle to be altered according to your own requirements

4) High quality inserts provide maximum support and comfort

5) The adjustable strap acts as a convenient carrying handle

6) The cushion meets the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended in 1989, 1993, 2010)


To make the most of their Comfyse Cushy Cushion mums prefer to buy their Cushy Cushion

1) whilst they are pregnant and experiencing piles 

2) a couple of weeks before their baby’s due date (at 37 weeks) so that they can use the cushion immediately after the birth, whether it’s a home or hospital birth. If you get your cushion in advance you won’t have to spend the time ordering and waiting for your Cushy Cushion after the birth when you already have so much to do with regards to caring for your baby and yourself. Best to be prepared.

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