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Bristol Birth Support

DOULAS Working together to support FAMILIES in Bristol We are Tortie Rye, Ly Malnick and Rebecca Hunt; Bristol based doulas offering antenatal, birth and postnatal support to women and their families. Having completed the same doula training and with 7 positive birth experiences between us, we share a common interest in helping women to feel confident, happy and empowered in their transition into motherhood. Our message to women is “Your Body, Your Baby, Your Birth,” and we are there to support them in their choices each step of the way. With the right support, birth can be a positive experience, however it unfolds

Working together

Our doula collective was born out of a need for peer support, having worked individually as doulas for a number of years. We formalised our working relationship following a number of shared trainings and conversations about the difficulties of lone working. Recognising the challenges in our work and the need for practical and sometimes emotional support for us, as well as the women we care for, proved fertile soil for collaboration. We made our first connections in 2015 and have since been building on our skills and experiences to form a range of services to meet the needs of women in our area. Since joining forces we have built strong working relationships as well as much valued friendships. We are all members of Doula UK and benefit hugely from the support of our mentors.

Benefits of hiring us

We know how important continuity of care is, and by working together, we have built a culture of support that ensures that whatever life throws at us, the families we care for can feel confident in the support they are receiving. We offer 1:1 doula services, as well as shared care packages and a number of other perinatal services. Visit our website for full details. By sharing resources and trainings, we keep our interests and knowledge fresh. We love working together and ultimately this is felt by the women we care for as they get the benefit, sometimes directly and also indirectly, of a much wider circle of support.

​Supporting positive birth in Bristol

Between us we work with many other birth professionals with the shared interest of raising the profile of positive birth in Bristol. We co-facilitate the Positive Birth Group with a very experienced midwife, host the Bristol Homebirth Group with other committed volunteers, network with other local doulas, independent midwives, birth practitioners and alternative therapy practitioners to further our learning as well as build positive professional relationships across the city. We are committed to working with midwives to support women, and have joined our local Midwifery Liaisons Committee to find ways of supporting and improving services for women in our city. Rebecca Hunt rebecca.bristolbirth@gmail.com 07740 407656 Tortie Rye tortie.bristolbirth@gmail.com 07796 121530 Ly Malnick ly.bristolbirth@gmail.com 07843 377718

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