Join PBM Malta on their annual demo

They'll be walking to raise awareness of the need for continuity of carer

The Positive Birth Movement has around 500 free to attend groups around the globe, in 37 countries! Here’s the news from our group in Malta. 

The Positive Birth Movement in Malta has been up and running for over 2 years. The monthly meetings have been extremely positive and rewarding and have brought new insight into birth in Malta. As of last year, it was suggested by attendees that one of our meetings is done in public and combined with a walk to raise awareness. So that’s what we did last year and it was great fun so we are repeating it again this year. Here is our message for this year’s public meet-up and walk:

Of course Birth Matters! It matters to mothers, fathers, babies, siblings and society at large. The way we welcome babies into the world says a lot about society and the importance society gives to families. Every family has the right to a positive birth! This is the inspiration for our annual public meeting and walk – to create awareness and social mobilisation towards giving more importance to what women and their partners need during childbearing.

In our PBM meetings, women and their partners have constantly expressed the need to have a service where they can get to know their midwife who will take care of them during birth. Another thing which women are asking for is the use of water immersion during labour and to have more options around birth, as well as extended paternity leave and more support during the postnatal period. In the meet-up we will be bringing up these issues and discussing how we can develop this in Malta.

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