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Hey, I am Zoe Wright, midwife and founder of the Real Birth Company and Programme. From 20th – 28th March (dates below!), we will be helping to co-ordinate and take part in a new touring conference called Let’s Talk Birth!

Let’s Talk Birth was an idea that came from personal experiences of working in collaboration with others. I started off my career as a midwife which led me down various paths; education, lecturing, working with women who have suffered trauma and eventually into writing my own antenatal education programme for midwives and doulas. During this time my passion has been to support and empower women, to be an advocate for choices made by women and their partners. I have always believed that to be actively involved in your care during pregnancy and birth leads to a more positive beginning as a parent and helps us with the adjustments we all make during in the postnatal period.

Even though my role has changed and developed, I still work with, midwives, doulas, yoga teachers, lactation consultants, antenatal educators, reflexologist, baby massage therapists and many more people who support women and families in there journey.

What I began to really notice, more than before, was a whole range of people supporting women and partners, all with the same goal, to help, to empower and to encourage women and their partners to make choices. Some had degrees and masters, some held certificates in other in house programmes but all chose to support women, babies and families and give them the very best support they could. Late night calls, early morning texts, free groups supporting, helping, supporting and being with women.

That’s when the idea of Let’s Talk Birth was born! An all-inclusive conference, to bring all people who work together to support women, partners and babies, in one place. A place to share evidence, experience and information between all groups that help. From antenatal support and care, through to labour and birth and into the postnatal period.

We want you to join us in a celebration of the work you do, by inviting you to explore choice, language, psychology, experiences and evidence within this wonderful and ever-changing role.

We have brought together various speakers from all areas of maternity support and perinatal mental health, to help enhance your knowledge and skills in supporting women and their partners through their individual journey.

Speaking across 5 cities will be Dr Sheena Byrom OBE, Mark Williams – campaigner for perinatal mental health, Mars Lord – birth activist and founder of Abuela Doulas, Milli Hill – author and founder of the PBM, 5 speakers from Birthrights.org, Mark Harris RM, Dr Rineke Schram, Clare Marshall from LGBT Foundation and myself. You can get a ticket to these events by visiting www.letstalkbirth.com and choosing a city. 

20th March 2019 – Bath

21st March 2019 – London

25th March 2019 – Birmingham

26th March 2019 – Manchester

28th March 2019 – Glasgow

We will look at the power of words and body language, how technology can hinder communication, how an empowered team can support women more effectively, how choice and respect are crucial to experience, why women and birth partners may feel disempowered and the negative and detrimental effects that this can have.

And not only that, but how does trauma affect us in the postnatal period, what may that mean for the wider family? How can this effect feelings about the next pregnancy on both people involved? Does being exposed to bad experiences change the way we care for women?

How involved do men feel in birth, what is their role after years of being removed from the birth environment, or how can we encourage men and birth partners to take a role?

Same sex relationships and transgender pregnancies, how can we support the LGBT community accessing maternity services, why does our language matter? Or what about caring for women with autism? How can this effect labour and birth? What can we do or think about to encourage open and positive communication, that will help?


Let’s Talk Birth are very lucky to have two theatre schools joining us in Birmingham, Manchester and London, to perform their interpretation of birth in today’s modern society! One of the schools will be taking us on a journey of three pregnant couples, each with a unique story and experience unfolding, demonstrating and exploring circumstance, care and choice.

We have charities and organisations, to help signpost you and explain their roles in the supporting of and empowering of parents and choice. We hope that you will network and meet people in your area that you may find useful in your area of work.

We would love for you to send us your stories of good collaboration and experiences to share with us on tour by email!

Most of all, we want to encourage ALL people, from ALL areas of maternity support, midwives, doulas, antenatal educators, support group organisers, perinatal mental health, health visitors, students and more, to continue in their fantastic work!

(Whilst earning CPD hours and having lunch!!)

We hope to see you there!

Please email us at hello@letstalkbirth.com if you have any further questions.

Lets Talk Birth Team 2019 x