From Visual Birth Plan…to baby!

Allie used specially designed icons to make an uber birth plan – and this is what happened!


During my pregnancy, I read the Positive Birth Book and used the book and the specially designed ‘icons’ (which you can download for free online here), to create a Visual Birth Plan or VBP. My VBP was shared on the Positive Birth Movement Facebook page, (here it is below) and as it got quite a lot of shares and attention, I thought people might like to know what happened when I actually gave birth!

My baby girl was born last week and I had an amazing and positive birth experience which I really think the book, my VBP and the support of the PBM contributed to. Bess Alicia Lawrence was born at 8:27pm on 23rd May weighing 7lbs 14oz after a 12 hour labour from the first twinge (5 hours established) to birthing her in the pool, guiding her out and pulling her out of the water myself, at our local MLU. I had no pain relief, just breathing, positioning I had learned through my Hypnobirthing course, and lots of noises!

I zoned out at one point in the pool and didn’t open my eyes or say anything for about an hour and they thought I was falling asleep as my arms kept slipping off the side into the water! It felt like ages to get her head out, as I didn’t do any forced pushing, but it was worth it as I had no tears! She even found my nipple on her own whilst we were still in the pool and had a little feed before I got out to deliver the placenta naturally whilst leaving the cord pulsating.

She was covered in vernix but she wasn’t washed or wiped and it soaked in really quickly and now she has super soft skin! The Midwives were amazing and were impressed with my VBP and they supported me to have everything I wanted from my birth plan. I had to spend the night on the ward so we just laid there, her just in a nappy, doing skin to skin all night, which was amazing and I’m sure that together with the relaxed birth contributed to the fact she is feeding really well and a very calm and content baby.

So I thank you for writing your book just in time as it was great help in understanding my options and creating my birth plan. And also the support from the Positive Birth Movement. And whilst I did get my ‘Plan A’ amazing experience, I felt I was empowered and armed with the knowledge I needed, which I could have used had we had to make any decisions and deviations along the way.

You can download the Visual Birth Plan icons for free from and create your own VBP. Full explanations of all of the choices that the icons represent and a guide to building a birth plan for every eventuality (not just Plan A!) can be found in The Positive Birth Book, which you can buy on Amazon and from all good book sellers.